Dentures can be partial or full. Dentures are artificial teeth replacing all or some of the upper or lower teeth. They are completely removable, and are designed to look identical to real teeth.

        Several appointments are needed for the fabrication of dentures. We will take impressions of your mouth during the first appointment to make models. In the second appointment, our dentist will then study how your jaw fits together.. When the teeth are returned from the laboratory set up in wax, it is time for the third visit. During this visit, the patient will try on the tooth set up to evaluate how it looks and fits. Finally, the patient then returns for the fourth visit, the delivery, where the final denture is adjusted and fitted in the patient’s mouth. Several adjustments are then needed for the denture to fit perfectly.

        Patients with dentures still have to see a dentist regularly since every prosthesis needs denture relines. Frequent recares with the dentist would help keep your denture in good condition.